Newsletter, December 2017

Winter Retreat: There is Still Time to Register!

The Winter Bliss retreat in Malibu is only 10 days away but we still have some rooms available in case you have made up your mind at the last minute. Visit our website right now and make the decision to bring in the New Year with a flood of spiritual energy and bliss.

Puerto Rico Relief Update

Puerto Rico is still suffering from the devastation that Hurricane Maria brought to the island in late September. Since that time members of the Ananda Marga Universal Relief Teams (AMURT and AMURTEL) have been working in a coalition with members of Mercy Corps, the Community development team from the Colegio de Mayagüez and other community leaders to bring vital relief supplies to the affected areas. The goods distributed by AMURT and AMURTEL included solar lamps, clothing, water filters, food and hygienic supplies. Here is a photo of the relief workers:

Asheville, NC

​In November Dada Maheshvarananda led cooperative games every hour on the hour from 11 am to 5 pm at the popular Asheville bookstore, Malaprops, for its Indies First event to promote independent book stores. Dada was on hand to promote his new book Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World.

Dada Maheshvaranda and Hiranmaya gave a presentation similar to the one they did at the September Prout Seminar: “What the Left got Right and What it got Wrong in Latin America” to the Asheville Ethical Humanist Society. Twenty six people attended and were engaged and interested in the topic and Prout. The event was organized by Miirabaii.

More News from Asheville compiled by Rudrani:

The design has been drawn for the Didis’ house on their Master Unit. The contractor has agreed to begin construction in the spring. Also, the beginning of a business of growing herbs and produce is developing on the Didis MU.

Two sisters from my high school meditation class have requested to do a meditation internship for four months beginning in February. They will come twice a week toreceive credit for the internship.

There was a seminar lead by Vishvamitra at the University of North Carolina in Asheville (UNCA) at the Mindfulness Meditation Club with the help of Rudranii and Karuna. The seminar was on Inter-generational experiences and sharing those characteristics of each generation. There were twenty people attending and about four generations from high school through age eighty-two. Ramesh has started a meditation class at the Yoga Center.

Wellness Center and Prama Institute

The Wellness Center continues to have successful detox seminars two and three times a month. Ongoing retreats by various spiritual groups are held at the Prama Institute on a regular basis and a Prama also offers a very popular Silent Meditation Retreats. Donations of food are collected every Saturday and Sunday and given to the Vanderbuilt Hall for the elderly and to a low income apartment building. Pies were made by the margiis on Thanksgiving and given to Beloved, who feeds the homeless.

A beautiful , uplifting and inspiring kiirtan retreat was conducted at the Prama Institute with about sixty participants in November. After the retreat, Lilamaya and Sukadev went to two schools in Asheville and performed kiirtan concerts. The students listened quietly and did about 10 minutes of meditation. Even the teachers listened with eyes closed and radiant faces.

Mountain Breeze Preschool:

The Mountain Breeze preschool has applied for funding to support families that have difficulties covering the tuition.

Hillcrest low income Support

The plans have started to have a medical clinic twice a month at Hillcrest to provide medical prevention for the residents. After school tutoring for middle schoolers at Hillcrest continues. Food pop-ups at Hillcrest continues. Referral services at Hillcrest continues

Neo-Humanistic College

The Barn (for storage) has arrives and is being assembled. The construction of the first dome in set to begin soon.

California (and beyond)

On December 10, the Women’s International Film and Television Showcase ( gave Didi Ananda Kalika, the founder and director of the Lotus Children’s Center in Mongolia, an award for Humanitarian work during a ceremony in Hollywood where other outstanding women also received awards for their work including Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany. You can check the website and see Didi’s name and photo on the top bar as it scrolls the pictures of the award participants.

Good news from Mexico and beyond

by Dada Krpasundarananda

We have been blessed with Dada Moksheshvarananda’s visit the last 4 weeks. He conducted many programs during this time. DCs in Mexico City,Puebla and Cholula, The highlight was a three day Spiritual Warrior Camp at our own retreat site in Xochicalco. All 16 who attended thoroughly enjoyed. He also had a well attended “Who am I and what’s my mission” one day workshop for those who were not able to attend the Camp. I am sure more such programs will follow on future visits.

The work in our Retreat Center in Xochicalco is continuing and the renovation nearing completion. Just on time for the Camp the earthquake damage was repaired, the water system improved, the kitchen upgraded and the glass & aluminum walls were put in place for the Yoga/Meditation/Workshop space. It now comfortably holds place for 20 people doing yoga. The final touch of putting ceramic tiles on the floor of the hall will be done this month, as well as system to pressurize the water system so all the showers can be used simultaneously.

The venue for the Sectorial Easter Retreat in Mexico has been secured and soon we’ll send the invitation with all the Early and Super Early Bird offerings 🙂 We hope to see many from countries outside Mexico to have a truly universal flavor.

The 25th, yearly, India Tour has started and we are now in Rishikesh. Several Acarya’s joined us for the first week so we will have Katha Kiirtans and other inspiring programs. The tour will visit Jaipur, Pushkar, Bodhgaya, Ananda Nagar, Jamalpur and end with a 10 day trek in the Himalayas in Nepal. There will be more tours in future! Check it out on: You can already register if you like to come for the next year’s one.

Knoxville, TN

submitted by Laksman

This morning (December 16) at 9 am Amala Devi, Jayanta, Ember (his wife) and I took about a hundred warm hats, some warm gloves and some carry bags and blankets to the place where the homeless spend the night and started distributing them. They all had hats but the gloves were pretty popular. The bags were the most popular thing by far, followed by the blankets. It was 25 degrees F. Amala Devi got the hats and gloves at Dollar Tree for $1 apiece. We plan to do it again next week.


Another successful Conscious House Concert was held at Ananda Liina on December 9. Local artists performed as well as Dada Vedaprajinananda accompanied by Kevala. Here is a photo from the concert:

Dada Vedaprajinananda, Kevala and Sonali also worked for 12 days straight to record a new CD of yoga-infused folk music at the RAWA Studio at Ananda Liina. The CD will be released at the Winter Retreat in Malibu. Here is a photo from one of the recording sessions:

Sonali adds background vocals with Kevala on the recording controls.

In other RAWA news, the second annual Songs for Social Change Contest is in full swing and the deadline has been extended till the end of February. Last year the contest attracted more than 300 applicants and the best songs were featured on a compilation CD which gained airplay on several radio stations around the US.

Coming Events

DMS in Brazil Feb 9-14 Porto Alegre, Brazil

This is an international spiritual gathering at the Ananda Daksina Master Unit. There will be kiirtan, meditation, workshops and classes presented by special guests. The cost for five days is only $130. Margiis and acaryas from around the world are expected to attend. For more information visit:

Announcements and Opportunities

Yoga Teacher Training

Acarya Pashupati is preparing a 7-9 day course for 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification, to take place at his home in Greensboro NC. Certification will depend on prior formal training in Ananda Marga practices, such as acarya or LFT training. Cost will be variable, based on income. It is possible that attendees may stay at his home itself without extra cost. Earliest dates would be sometime in February or March 2018. Certificate would be through the Shiva Dancing School of Yoga RYS-200. Please notify him ASAP at or (919)-868-4729. Similar training and certification eligibility has been provided to scores of Dadas and Didis in India.  Introduction on YouTube

Three Volunteers Wanted

Posted by Dada Maheshvarananda

1. Research assistant from home: For the Prout training manual I am writing, I need a volunteer to help locate supporting articles and videos for very specific topics, and to locate data from different countries. If you could do this, I’ll send you my list.

2. Tour organizer from home: I need to schedule visits and programs as I travel. I need a volunteer to write to a long list of contacts to plan times and dates.

3. On the road assistant: I need a male volunteer to tour with me in my Toyota Prius hybrid car, visiting a different town every day or every other day. We’ll be meeting all sorts of wonderful progressive people, and giving different programs. I will cover all food and gas expenses. You’ll need a sleeping bag and will sleep in different homes or apartments each night, usually on a carpet next to me. Come for at least ten days, the longer the better. I guarantee an unforgettable experience in spiritual activist lifestyle training.

if you are interested in any of these volunteer positions contact Dada Maheshvarananda.

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