Dec 27th 2015  – Jan 1st 2016


    Camp Young Judaea, Woodcreek, TX

  • Spiritual teachers

    More than 20 spiritual teachers (Acaryas) of Ananda Marga (The Path of Bliss) will be teaching and guiding us. They are also offering Free personal instruction in meditation during the retreat.


What people said after previous retreats:

“What an extraordinary and heart opening experience. Informative, inspiring, and lots of fun.”
 “I came away feeling particularly focused and revitalized. I felt as a magnetic object must, with all of it’s electrons spinning perfectly aligned at one speed and in one direction.”
“Amazing music, amazing teachings, amazing meditations, amazing people and amazing food. I felt I was part of an incredible community united by hope!”
  • Balance your inner and outer worlds through yoga and meditation.
  • Attain optimal health through harmony of body, mind and spirit.
  • Connect your mind and heart with chanting and Yoga Psychology.
  • Restore your vitality with Yoga Classes.
  • Connect as a community playing co-operative games.
  • Learn how our bodies, our minds, our planet and our universe are all connected in one ecological system.


Testimonials from previous years:

“I was delighted to meet all these wonderful and inspiring people! I came from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I was blessed to be there! Thank you everyone for being there and for making me and my son Prakash feel welcome!
 Love, Prashanti

“Ananda Marga has helped me rediscover who I am through spiritual practices. I now feel that I have a renewed sense of purpose in my life.”

“Very high spiritual vibrations, which were much appreciated.”

“..this retreat was one of the most blissful i have attended in quite some time – the feeling of a loving family just has gotten stronger.

“This was my first National retreat and I could definitely feel the positive vibration, energy and bliss throughout.”

“I received a warm welcome upon arrival, and experienced out of this world kiirtans and meditations (which, i believe, affected all of us at a very deep level) created such heartfelt love and devotion. no wonder it seemed like no one wanted to leave!”


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