We are happy to communicate some exciting new developments in our sector.

In the last few years lots of events have reshaped the way we work here. Now we are looking forward a new and interesting time to move on with the very important work of bringing spirituality, service ideals and action to society.

To operate efficiently and effectively we need a base, therefore we are in the process of purchasing a new property to be used as the office for this sector.

The location is very convenient, just across the street from the Master Unit in New York State.

Send checks to: Path of Bliss, 133 Lancaster Street #A, Albany, NY 12210


The property is a 5.8 acre plot with 2 buildings. These buildings need to be repaired but the price and location are quite good for us.

The area is beautiful (see picture) and accessible by car via the NY State Throughway, buses to NY City just a mile away, and regular AMTRAK train service to NY City (2 hours travel).

To acquire the property we need $60,000 from which we have already secured 20,000 and now we are fund raising for the remaining $40,000.

One building will be used as the sectorial office while the second one, which used to be a summer camp dorm could accomodate WTs, LFTs and volunteers.

This building will also complement the Master Unit, holding the overflow of participants during retreats.

With the way communications and technology have developed in this era we believe that this office can work as effectively as in any urban location with the advantage of providing a healthy environment for sa’dhana’ and a spiritual life style.

We have set up a donation link below. If you would like to help please visit the link and make an online donation or send a check payable to Path of Bliss to: Path of Bliss, 133 Lancaster Street, Albany, NY 12210.

You will be able to follow up how the fund raising efforts via the “thermometer” below.

Best wishes.
Brotherly In Him,
Ac. Rainjitananda Avt.



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